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Weekly Automated ABM Residual Checks  Mailed To You

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And We Didn't Forget Those Stories That Change And Impact Others. Here Are Just A Few Of Our Testimonials That Come Through On A Daily Basis.

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Plans 2-6: Weekly Cash Affiliate Plans

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And The FAQ's Of The Programs Can Be Found Here To Answer Any Questions You May Have As Its Always Growing.

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2 Steps To Follow...

STEP 1. Read this Information Page several times and click-through the (See More) buttons for each program.

*30 Day Money Back Guarantee Applies Only To ABM Auto Ship Payment Of $125.00

 STEP 2. Scroll down to follow the steps to join toward the bottom of this page to the HBA  "Ready To Join" Instructional Banner. (Click See More) This is for Programs 2-6!

Signing Up Today With HBA/ABM Daily Large Groups Is The Fastest Way To Achieve Financial Independence.


HBA -​American Bill Money Affiliates

Powerful New Unlimited Width and Depth 3 Up Comp Plan. 

All Your Direct Sign Ups Pass Up Their 3rd, 7th, and 12th Sign Ups To You To Infinity. This Will Double Your Income Quickly. 

Cost To Join: $125.00 ABM Monthly Auto-ship/ $100 HBA/ABM Ads And Sign-Ups For You.

Total: $225.00


Get 10 To 100 People In Your Downline Monthly By Joining With Our Large Group Today!

When You Join With  Our  Large Group We Put People In Your ABM Downline 24 Hrs After You Join Which Allows You Go Into Profit In 24 hrs.​   Our Large Groups Come From Our Daily Co-op Ads.

This Eliminates The Problem Of People Quitting ABM As A Result Of Not Being In Profit Before The Next Auto-ship Payment.



Send Email To: joinhbateam@gmail.com
Subject Line: Ready To Join

Body Of Email: I Have My $225.00 To Pay With Credit Card Or Debit Card For The HBA/ ABM Express Sign Up Program.

​Include: Your Name, Phone Number, And Email Address. 

​​Also Include Which Ad You Responded To: Herculist, Million Leads For Free,
​Craigslist Or Youtube.


​​Once your 'Ready To Join' email is received, 
you will then be sent an email with the sign-up instructions and are required to present payment at that time.

Once Payment Is Made HBA Place Paid ABM Affiliates In Your Downline Weekly.

The Faster Everyone Signs Up The Faster We Put People In Your ABM Downline 24 Hrs After You Join. Everyone Gets Paid Fast, No Reason To Quit!


Don't Have The Time Or The Skill To Build A Successful Home Business? 

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*Plans 2 Through 6*

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*HBA /ABM New Express Sign Up Program. $750 - $7,500 Weekly Residual Checks Before Christmas When You Join With Our Daily Large Groups! (USA Only) (Residual Checks Mailed Every Friday)



We Put People In Your ABM Downline 24 Hrs After You Join. A Complete Game Changer For ABM Affiliates.


Now you no longer have to depend on a job for income.
That's called "Financial Independence."

​We do all the advertising, recruiting, and sign-ups for you. Those who sign up today will be set up to receive your first residual check payments within two weeks.

Right Now Cash and Long Term Retirement Income

"The richest people in the world look for and build networks; everyone else looks for work". 

~Robert Kiyosaki, Author: Rich Dad Poor Dad

We encourage our members to be very aggressive with co-op before Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Holidays.

This will allow you to have plenty of money to enjoy the Holidays and have a great start to the new year. 

The Best Instant Cash And Residual Income Retirement Plan in the World For 97% Of People.

Most people get trap into being life long slaves to employers and slaves to debt.

Some people love their jobs or careers and just want more money without a second job.

We have the solution for money problems.

We teach our members what schools and colleges don't teach, financial literacy. Make money work for you and become financially free asap.

There has never been a better time to be an Automated Income Affiliate.

Consider the following tangible advantages of an Automated Income Affiliate.

* It provides income protection for you and your family in the event of catastrophic medical expenses, long - term disability, or even death.

* You can create your own retirement plan, life insurance, and health insurance plan.

* It gives you the means to achieve financial independence that a job never will, so you and your spouse can enjoy an active and prosperous retirement. You're less likely to end up like the vast majority of retirees - broke, embarrassed, and depending on a monthly pittance from Social Security to subsist.

There is no better investment of money than to invest in HBA building your Automated Income Business.

Our current HBA members age range is 17 - 78.

A Simple & Solid Plan to Achieving Short - Term Cash And Long - Term Wealth For Our Members.

Hundreds of Herculist Members, Million Leads For Free Members, Craigslist commission income seekers, and YouTube Automated Business Income seekers Are Joining every week.

Our plan is to add 1 million Home Business Affiliates members over the next 3 years.

Takes 5 Min To Join

This is a very SIMPLE program about fast cash and weekly residual checks universally loved and understood by everyone.

  FAST CASH AND WEEKLY RESIDUAL CHECKS CONTINUES TO BE THE MOST POPULAR AFFILIATE PROGRAMS! And can make all the difference in the lives of 97% of people in our society.

​A few statistics:
1. 57% of those between 45-75 have virtually no retirement savings.

2. That group will need $1.1 million to create a $35,000 per year income during retirement.

3. At 10% per year, that's over $1,300 per month for the next 20 years.

"If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you are dead"

Billionaire/Warren Buffett

We have a solution for the average person. 
Instant Cash And Weekly Residual Checks Affiliate Programs For The Masses

We have a cash feeder program, residual program, and 5 cash payment plans. Choose the plan or plans that are the best fit for your financial goals.

Feeder Program For ABM Residual Program
​and HBA Cash Programs.

Send Ready To Join Email 24/7, 365 Days A Year!

This program is built on the premise that millions of people in the USA need a simple way to achieve financial independence in 1 to 3 years.


Plans 2 - 6 (Cash Payments)- Pays direct commissions to your mail box.

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Home Business Affiliates

HBA Team Daily Prayer

​​HBA Community Life Daily Prayer Guide Jeremiah 29:7

​1 - Pray for your local and national government leaders
2 - Pray for the equitable righteous and just application of God's moral law in society.
3 - Pray for racial, gender, and class unity.
4 - Pray for spiritual impact in the areas of your community with which you are involved.
5 - Pray for the safety, moral development, and academic achievement of your children and their schools.
6 - Pray for the poor and oppressed in your community.
7 - Pray for an orderly environment that will facilitate the spread of the gospel.

HBA Staff
Founder: James Brown
Executive Directors: Derrick and Ceretha Robinson
Global ​Marketing Director: Beverly Gonzalez

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