We have been HBA members for six years. We achieved financial independence in our second year. The key is to follow the 1 to 3-year plan and never quit. Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.

~ Derrick and Ceretha Robinson

I drove from Houston to Dallas to meet the HBA staff and sign up in person after responding to their craigslist ad. They are the real deal. I start earning money my first week with the Done For You System. James was kind enough to invite to meet his wife and his lovely home and take me to dinner.

~Bryan Walters, Houston, Tx

When I first saw the ad, I was VERY skeptical. I kept the number for about 6 months and then made a call one night when I was in despair. James answered the phone, even though it was super late and was an ear for my pain I was going through. I found peace in his system and made the decision to join HBA. Since then, I have used the funds to create a non-profit to help feed the hungry and also a credit repair company. This has been a Godsend. Thanks so much, HBA!

~Beverly Gonzalez

Here is a video testimonial from Gifford E Hurt Sr about our Cash Program:  https://youtu.be/N2O5Mp642FI

Here is an email we received from our member: 

Here is another wonderful testimonial: 

​Good morning,

I would like to thank you very much for getting my signups, I knew this was different and that  it works, I Thank God for you, and I going join the AD packs,

David Niemeier

Good Afternoon HBA!!!

I wanted to take a minute to send you all a lil note and say Thanks so much!  I received a payment TODAY, CASH in the mail...$100!!!  I'm Blown Away!  I've NEVER experienced this truly wonderful feeling.

It's not just a payment for me, BUT the actual feeling of actually finding something that really and truly works!  I've been on-line since 1999, searching my butt off, trying to find something that really and truly does work!  Besides the 20+ years I've been looking, like a lot of people, I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars to find... HBA!

I know I joined HBA with Plan-3, what else can I do to assist in Marketing?  Can I bring other people into the business myself?
Whew... I'm way to excited to even talk or email! Lol...

Thanks so much!

Michael D Anderson

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