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New Money Back Guarantee Program 

Effective  8-20-19.

Prospects Must Sign Up On Today's Date, And After The Listed Above  By 10:00 pm CST To Qualify For The Guarantee!

Example Subject Line: Ready To Join/Today's Date

Body: Choose The Program From Step 2 That You Want To Join.

**Those Who Sign Up And Pay By 10:00 pm Today 
Are Guaranteed To Be In Profit In 30 Business Days 
Or HBA Will Refund Your Start-Up Fee.*

There is no risk involved for those who sign up today. You must include today's date in your HBA "Ready To Join" email to qualify.

This Solves The Problem Of Affiliates Having To Quit As A Result Of Not Making A Profit Fast Enough To Be Successful Short Term And Long Term.

You Can Sign Up With HBA Over The Phone With Credit or Debit Card or Use Online Instructions From Your Ready To Join Email.

HBA Does All The Marketing, Recruiting, And Sign-Ups For Affiliates Who Join Our ABM Residual Income And Or HBA Cash Income Team By 10:00 pm Today.

This System Is Designed To Build Stable Long Term Residual Income For HBA Members.


In order for you to be in profit, you need two signups.

If you have not received two signups within 30 business days through HBA, then:

(1st) Send a cancellation Email to ABM as per ABM Terms

(2nd)  Forward the cancellation email to HBA

Then HBA,
 Not ABM will refund the money you spent with ABM.

Join This Worldwide #1  Done for You Income System Today!