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​Don't Have The Time Or The Skill To Build A Successful Home Business?

Let HBA Team Build  A Proven Affiliate Business

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Welcome To HBA Information Page

20 Year Proven Done For You System

Recruiting and Sign Ups Done For You

The Programs Listed Below Are The Most Popular Buyers Programs. Buyers Groups Sign Up For These Programs Weekly. Pick The Group And Program You Want To Join With This Week.

100 Spots Available In Each Program Until February 28th. Reserve Your Spot Today!

Group 1. TruIntegrity Affiliate Program

Group 2. $1,000 Ad Pack Program

Group 3. $500.00 Ad Pack Program

Group 4. ABM Residual Program

 Group 5. $250.00 Ad Pack Program

You get paid more money faster by joining with a group.

​A few statistics:

1. 57% of those between 45-70 have virtually no retirement savings
2. That group will need $1.1 million to create a $35,000 per year income during retirement
3. At 10% per year, that's over $1,300 per month for the next 20 years

We have a solution for the average person.

​Get On Our Sign Up List And Sign Up Today!

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Simply Buy An HBA Affiliate Program, Then Set back And Collect Your Payments! There Is Absolutely Nothing else You Have To Do.

HBA, ABM, And TruIntegrity Are Three Proven Family Owned Programs That Will Be Around For Future Generations 

Why Buyers Join HBA?

HBA Solves All Online Marketing, Network Marketers And Affiliate Marketers Problems.

*100% Success Platform

​*100% Fully Automated Cash And Residual Checks Generator

*We Sign Up Buyers For You From Our Weekly Buyers Group And Send You The Commissions For Life

Takes 5 Min For You To Sign Up Today!

Each Week Buyers Have An Opportunity To Sign Up With 200 - 1,000 Other Buyers In Program 1,2, or 3

(​You Get Paid More Money Faster Your First 30 Days By Signing Up With A Weekly Large Group)

100% Hands Free! 

Introducing The Most Simple Way For Anyone To Make Money Fast Online!

​HBA Pay Members Daily, Weekly, And Monthly

Program 1

1. TruIntegrity Affiliate Program: $250.00 Instant Cash Payments From HBA

Your Cost: $299.95 One Time

Program 2

2. ABM Affiliate Program: $75.00 Weekly/Monthly Residual Checks From ABM

Your Cost: $125.00 Monthly

Program 3

3. HBA Ad Pack Program: $100.00, $250.00, $500.00, or $1,000.00 Instant Residual Payments From HBA

Your Cost: $100.00, $250.00, $500.00, or $1,000.00 Every 30 Days Only If You Are In Profit

 We Have A Group Of Buyers Signing Up At The $1,000 Ad Pack Level This Week If You Are Interested In Joining With A Group At The $1,000 Level

Think about this! You already accept the fact that the majority of all your bills are residual, that means they keep coming in and have to be paid month after month, pretty much forever right? So, why shouldn’t you be pursuing a simple way, such as HBA to have the residual income you need to take care of those nagging bills instead of just relying on what your employer is willing to pay you for your time which as you know, is Never Enough.

We Have Already Recruited Over 20,000 pending Buyers Who Are Signing Up Daily For Our 3 Programs

We Add 200 - 400 Buyers Daily To Keep Our Pipeline Full Of Buyers Daily

Read This Information Page Then Scroll Down To Step 5 Toward The Bottom Of This Page To Get Our Sign Up List And Join Today!


You will be paid through Zelle online banking or mailed money orders from HBA for programs 1 and 3

Click Link Below To Sign Up For Zelle

First Come First Serve Today

HBA Recruits Your Buyers And Close Your Sales


Start Getting Paid In 48 Hours When You Sign Within 24 Hours

Available In Canada And USA Only Through HBA

The 24 Hour Challenge

(When Everyone Signs Up Within 24 Hours Payments Go Out Daily)

Partial List Of Members Representing The US And Canada:

Mirella Florea, Canada, Rose Goulos, Canada,

Moses Williams, Brooklyn, NY, Patricia Murphy, Bronx,NY, Blake Hunton, Atlanta, Michele Cooper, Chicago, And Patricia Keels, California

Reserve Your Sign Up Spot Today 10:00 am - 10:00 pm CST.


Two Step Plan For Our Members

Step 1. Develop Instant Cash Flow

Step 2. Financial Freedom 1 to 3 years

We Currently Have Over 20,000 Buyers On Our 2019 List.

200 to 400 New Buyers Are Added To This List Everyday From Our Proven Ad Campaigns

(This Is What Makes Our Done For You System Work)

Our Call Center Will Only Sign Up New Buyers For Each Program Daily By Phone Appointment Only

This Provides Steady Cash and Compounding Residual Income For Our Members For Life

Just Read This Page, Select The Affiliate Program You Want To Join Today And Get On Our Ready To Join List.


We Already Have Buyers Ready To Pay When You Sign Up Within 24 Hrs

We Sign Up New Members By Phone And Computer 7 Days A Week


If You Are Constantly Receiving Our Herculist Emails, Million Leads For Free Emails, And Seeing Our Craigslist Ads.

That Is Because Our Members Are Making Money Daily And We Are Spending Thousands Of Dollars On Ads. Our Program Is Currently Dominating This Industry Because Our Members Are Making Money Fast.

Fact, We Can't Spend Thousands On Ads Daily If Our Members Are Not Making Thousands Daily

​We Only Make Money When Our Members Make Money

We Are A True Done For You System For Life


We Add New Buyers To This List Everyday To Provide A Steady Daily Cash Flow And Or Weekly Residual ABM Checks For Our Members

* Note: You Will Need A Phone And Computer or Laptop To Sign Up

You Will Receive An Email Notification From HBA Each Time HBA Commissions Are Sent To You

Our 20 Year Team Of  Marketing Experts Post Proven Daily Ads For You, Close All Your Sales, And Sends You Cash Commissions Daily As We Sign Up New Members

 When Everyone Signs Up Within 24 Hours After Responding To Our Ads We Can Send Commissions To Our Members Daily

You Have An Opprtunity To Go Into Profit Within 48 Hours Through Our Daily Group Programs Sign ups


Takes 5 Minutes To Join

Scroll Down On This Page To Step 5 To Join Today!

Scam Free Program: All Sign Ups Are Done By Our Call Center Team Over The Phone For Out State Members Or In Our Mckinney, Tx Office For Local Members

*You Being On This Site Is Proof That Our 20 Year Proven Craigslist And Solo Ads Campaigns Work

Live Person Phone Support 7 Days A Week

Absolutely nothing like this in the industry!!!

We Only Market Three Stable Proven Affiliate Businesses For Life. This Provides Lifetime Stable Income For Our Members 

Automated Online Business

Totally Automated Done For You Marketing System!

Real time Affiliate Business Buyers Are Directed To This Site from our ad Campaigns and Sign-ups are done for you daily through this site!

In other words, We Build Your Downline For You, Automatically As Soon As You Sign Up!

The Easiest Home Based Income Opportunity EVER

So, what makes HBA so special? It is unique and works for everybody!

Office Hours Sunday - Saturday 10 am - 10 pm CST

Live Person Phone Support 7 Days A Week

Questions/Sign Up Line: 214-549-9804


Celebrating 20 Successful Years

1998 - 2018

Lets Get Straight To The Point, Making Money Fast!


How Does HBA Pay The TruIntegrity Affiliates Cash Commissions?

We Send  Cash Payments To Our Members by  Money Orders, Cashier's Checks, or Zelle Depending On The Amount Of The Commission

If your bank or credit union offers Zelle, you may be able to use their online banking site to receive your  Commissions from HBA

HBA TruIntegrity Is A HBA To Member Cash Payment Affiliate Program 

How Does The Done For You Program Work?

​We Recruit And Sign Up A New TruIntegrity Affiliate Group Everyday For Our Members From The Buyers List 

The Faster Everyone From the Buyers List Signs Up, The Faster Everyone Gets Paid. It Is That Simple!

The Amount Members Get Paid Is Determined By The Amount Of Pending Buyers Who Sign Up Each Day

We Provide The Opportunity For New Buyers To Sign Up Everyday.


How Does The HBA Member Referral Program Work?

This Is Optional And In Addition To Our Done For You Program.

This is for members who want to refer others and get paid for their referrals.

 All EVEN referrals goes to HBA for signing up your referrals. You keep all your UNEVEN (Odd) referrals.
The #2, #4, #6, #8 .... will be assigned to HBA. You will keep the #1, #3 , #5, #7 .... ALL the Uneven (Odd) referrals. We call them also, fixed referrals.
You will be paid $250.00 Cash Commissions everyday , for each Uneven(fixed)  referral you will introduce to the program.

​We looked at the Affiliate Marketing Industry and realized there was a huge gap in the market place for a unique team building system. We were also aware that the Affiliate Marketing industry suffers from a huge dropout & failure rate of 97% Fact.

We Have Solved That Problem For Our Members

Our team is made up of a number of qualified  Network Marketers and Affiliates Marketers, all have brought their skills to HBA Team Builder to put together the ultimate Team Builder system

​HBA Team Builder is a unique system that Recruits Targeted Affiliate Business Opportunity Buyers for our members before they join HBA Team.

​What are the benefits for you when you join HBA Team and let us build your Affiliate Business?

1. We have thousands of buyers ready to join Our TruIntegrity $250.00 Instant Cash Affiliate Program with you.

2. You will enjoy instant $250.00 Cash Commissions from day one by joining The HBA Team with thousands of other buyers who responded to our Proven Ad Campaigns

3. See your potential income before join and watch it rise daily in real time.

​Once You Receive $500.00 In TruIntegrity Commissions $50.00 Will Be Deducted from Your Future $250.00 Commissions To Pay For Daily Ads And Weekly Sign Ups For Your Done For You Business

(​There Is Great Income Power In Large Numbers)

This System Allows 100% Of Our Members Who Take Advantage Of This Offer To Make Money From Day One.


Done For You!

1. First We Help You Establish Cash Flow With The TruIntegrity $250.00 Daily Cash Affiliate Program. (Canada and USA)

2.Then You Can Sign Up For ABM Unlimited $75.00 Residual Checks Income Affiliate Program For Long Term Wealth. (USA Only)

3. For Those Want To be More Aggressive We Offer The HBA Affiliate Ad Pack Program. You Receive $100.00, $250.00, $500.00, or $1,000.00 Residual Payments. (Canada and USA)


Everyone is looking for easy and quick ways to make more income. HBA help their members start an automated online Affiliate business in 5 minutes! You will make instant and recurring commissions every month with each member we sign up for you. You can quickly start making more and more commissions each month as our experts build your Affiliate Business for you. Start Earning $250.00 Today!


Freedom is Your Choice For 2019!

Five Steps To Financial Freedom

1. Read Entire Page Carefully, 2. Program Details, 3. Products Overview, 4. Testimonies, 5. Steps To Get Started

The Revolutionized

Proven Done For You System


​Step 1. Carefully Read This Page/ Call With Questions

Step 2. Program Details

​HBA is a community of principle-centered individuals making a positive, lasting impact on the world. The wealth we create through business ownership and automated income is simply a tool that allows us to enlarge the good we do for others.

HBA Community Life Daily Prayer Guide

Jeremiah 29:7

1. Pray for your local and national government leaders

2. Pray for the equitable righteous and just application of God's moral law in society.

3. Pray for racial, gender, and class unity.

4. Pray for spiritual impact in the areas of your community with which you are involved.

5. Pray for the safety, moral development, and academic achievement of your children and their schools.

6. Pray for the poor and oppressed in your community.

​7. Pray for an orderly environment that will facilitate the spread of the gospel.

ABM Recurring Commissions

These types of commissions are extremely powerful. Imagine referring someone once to a subscription service and getting paid healthy commissions every month for the lifetime of the customers’ subscription.

This is how we build real wealth with TruIntegrity Instant Pay Affiliate Program and ABM Residual Income Affiliate Subscription Program for our members.

Step 3. ​Product Overview

HBA ​​​​​​successful affiliate marketers don’t waste time constantly going from one program to the next. They maintain deep focus and remain consistent with two proven programs for life.

When it comes to marketing strategy for the best of the best, finding the right affiliate program that has an outstanding commission structure is the name of the game.

HBA Elite level marketers don’t waste time promoting products that produce one-off $20 commissions.

Instead, they align themselves with high paying affiliate programs.

These affiliate marketing programs offer products/services that net huge commissions. And they are stable and proven programs.

Website Links On This Page Are For Compensation And Product Review Only. (Not For Sign Up)


Everyone Must Contact HBA Admin To Get On Our Ready To Join List To Get Signed Up For Programs Listed On This Page.

HBA Team Will Provide You A Sign Up Link During Your Scheduled Time To Sign Up.

Programs Descriptions:

Program 1. TruIntegrity

Owner: Art Rayburn 30 Years Experience

USA And Canada Through HBA

1. $250.00 Instant Payments With TruIntegrity

8 Year Old Program

Click Red Link Below To Review TI Program

Your Cost: $299.95 One Time Payment

Joining TruIntegrity through HBA is a 2-Step Process. The $250 membership payment is made directly to HBA by credit card or debit card.  Then the $49.95 life-time website lease is paid to TruIntegrity  (both are one-time-only payments)  

You Earn Unlimited $250.00 Daily Payments Through Our Daily Mass Group Sign Up

Example 10 x $250 = $2,500.00 

(HBA To Member Payment)

Program 2. American Bill Money

Owner: Paul Korzeniowski 34 Years Experience

USA Only

1099 Provided For Taxes

 $75.00 Residual Payments With ABM

Click Red Link Below To Review ABM Program

Your Cost: $125.00 Monthly Auto Pay

15 Year Old Company

This is the Fastest Way To Cover Your Monthly Bills And Quit Your Job When You Follow Our 12 Month Plan.

Those Who Follow Our 12 Month Plan With This Residual Program Can Retire Comfortably In 1- 3 Years Paying $125.00 Per Month

You Earn Unlimited $75.00 Weekly Residual Payments 

Example 10 x $$75.00 = $750 Residual Income 

WOW 10 Members = $750 Month, 100 = $7500 Month, 1000 = $75,000 Month

$75 A Month From Everyone Unlimited Width - Unlimited 1UP Depth

24/7 Live operators take orders on phone

Commissions Checks Mailed Weekly And Monthly

ABM Provides 1099 For Taxes

HBA Recruits And Signs ABM Prospects Up For You

ABM has an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

Step 4. Testimonies

"I Drove From Houston To Dallas Meet The HBA Staff And Sign Up In Person. They Are The Real Deal. James Was Kind Enough To Invite Me To His House And Take Me Out For A Meal" 

I received Four $250.00 payments my first two weeks with TruIntegrity

​Bryan Walters

Hi James
Patricia Keels here I received my $250.00 money order today. I"m so excited this is great.
Thank you 
Peace and many Blessings. 
P. Keels

"I was absolutely excited when I received the money order last week"

​Michele Cooper

​Hi James. Received my first $75.00 commission from ABM last week.

Thank you. Owen Dunn

Hello James, 
I actually received my first $75.00 commission from ABM yesterday.  This system works!

​Jason Lee

​Proven System by Master Networker
​This third party Marketing System was developed and perfected by Master Network Marketer, James Brown. James is the owner of "Home Business Affiliates" and an Affiliate of TruIntegrity. He has used this Exact Same System to build teams of over 30,000 affiliates in various programs over the past 20 years. James and his TruIntegrity team members are currently having great success using his Craigslist And Solo Ads System To Help His Team Make Money Fast.

​Third party system endorsed by TruIntegrity. 

TruIntegrity has been growing faster than ever in 2018.
One of the reasons for this increased growth is the HBA
"Craigslist And Solo Ad Fast Track Sponsoring System."

Wishing you success...

Art Rayburn/ TruIntegrity Owner

 ​​​Step 5. Get Started Now!

Follow Steps Below To Join One or More Programs

Two ​Steps To Join

Step 1. Select One or More Affiliate Programs

​Program 1. 
 TruIntegrity $299.95 One Time

 Available In The USA and Canada Only Through HBA

Joining TruIntegrity through HBA is a 2-Step Process. The $250 membership payment is made directly to HBA by credit card or debit card. Then the $49.95 life-time website lease is paid to TruIntegrity  

(both are one-time-only payments)  

*TruIntegrity Does Not Accept American Express

HBA Mails Unlimited $250.00 Money Orders or Cashier's Checks To Members Daily

Program 2.

 ABM : $125.00 Monthly Auto ship
Available In The USA Only

ABM Accepts Credit Card, Debit Card, Or Money Order Payments

ABM Mails Weekly Residual Checks  To Your Address

Step 2. Follow The Example Below

Example Ready To Join Email

Send To:

Subject: Ready To Join

Body: I Have My $299.95 To Join TruIntegrity Affiliate Program # 1

And Or

I Have My $125.00 To Join ABM Affiliate Program #2

Your Name:

Your Phone Number: 

Your Email Address:

Your Mailing Address Only To Receive $250.00 TruIntegrity Affiliate Money Order Commissions

Day and Time You Are Available To Sign Up/ Include Time Zone

If You Responded To Our Herculist Ad, Million Leads For free, or Craigslist Ad , Please Include That In Your Ready To Join Email.

Also If You Were Personally Referred By One Of Our Members Include That Persons Name In Your Email

Once We Receive Your Ready To Join Email We Will Contact You, Confirm Your Appointment, And Get You Signed Up At The Time You Request.

After You Sign Up We Will Set You Up To Start Receiving $250.00 Affiliate Cash Commissions

Program 3.

Many Of You Have Been Asking For Additional Ways To Receive More Cash. (Read Below)

HBA Residual Cash Ad Campaigns Packs

This For HBA Affiliates Who Want Receive Monthly Residual Cash Commissions For Buying Ad Pack Campaigns  

You Pay Once A Month Only If You Are In Profit

You Pay For $100.00 Ad Pack You Receive $100.00 Cash Commissions From Ads

You Pay For $250.00 Ad Pack You Receive $250.00 Cash Commissions From Ads

You Pay For $500.00 Ad Pack You Receive $500.00 Cash Commissions From Ads

You Pay For $1,000.00 Ad Pack You Receive $1,000.00 Cash Commissions From Ads

Get Started By Selecting The Ad Pack Level You Want To Purchase And Send The Following Email To 

Subject: HBA Ad Pack Payment

Body: I Have My: Select One: $100.00, $250.00, $500 Or $1,000.00 HBA To Pay For My Ad Pack By Debit Card Or  Credit Card

Your Name, Phone Number, Email Address,

Mailing Address If You Want To Receive Money Orders

Your  Options To Receive Payments From HBA Are Money Orders, or  Zelle

Day and Time You Available To Sign Up/ include Time Zone

HBA Craigslist Ads Training

This is for anyone who wants to market their own program and build their own list

You will receive one hour one on one training, ad copies, prospect email, and script

This is the program James, HBA Founder used to build a downine of over 30,000 affiliates

Cost: $500.00 One time: Call or email us if you want to reserve a training spot



Sign - up 10:00 am - 10:00 pm 7 days a week

This is a Home Business Opportunity, not a home based “job.” Earning and/or income statements are presented as commission earnings “possibilities”. As with any home business opportunity, there is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income and you accept the risk involved. The examples are not to be interpreted as any guarantee, promise, representation and/or assurance. We do not purport our business opportunity as being a “get-rich-quick” scheme.  Make an informed decision.  No Refunds.