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We offer a Marketing  System, A 15 Year And Two 8 Year  Proven Fast Pay Affiliate Programs That Are  Super Simple & Extremely Effective! We have 4 streams of income.

(​Four Fast And Easy Ways To Make Money)

You Can Sign Up For The Program Or Programs Of Your Choice By Getting On Our Weekly Sign Up List .

57% of those between the age of 45 - 70 have virtually no retirement savings and are forced to work hard into their 70s just to make ends meet.​

We have a solution!

We sign up new affiliates every Monday - Thursday from 10:00 am - 8:00 pm cst

Tuesdays and Thursdays are group instant cash programs sign up days. This allows members to break even or go into profit the same day by getting on our one of our two instant pay programs sign up list.

Mondays and Wednesdays are group weekly pay programs sign up days. This allows members to break even or go into profit the following week by getting one of our two weekly pay programs sign up list.

​Those who live in Dallas can sign up in person at our home office in Mckinney, Texas on Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Prospects from all 50 states can get on the list and sign up over the phone and online by appointment to ensure you success.

Bryan Walters Testimony - I responded to James craigslist ad he posted in Houston. James is a Home Business Affiliate top earner with 20 years experience who lives in North Dallas. 

I had never met a home business top earner in person before. I ask James if I could drive to Dallas and watch him work from his home one day. He agreed to allow me to come and spend day watching him do what his team teaches others nationwide regarding making stable cash fast with their 4 simple home business opportunities.

When I arrived at his house he was on the phone with a prospect from out of state. He allowed me to introduce myself to the prospect as soon as I entered his house. 

I was blown away with how well his simple system works. Long story short, I signed up with the EZ Profit 100 Program and placed my first craigslist ad and got 16 sign ups in my first 2 weeks. I passed up my 2nd and 4th to James and 14 sign ups went to me. I made $1,400.00 in 2 weeks with direct sign ups. My downline is also getting sign ups and I am receiving their 2nd and 4th sign ups. Now my income is doubling from their efforts. This is powerful!

After great success with EZ Profit 100 my first 3 weeks I signed up for The TruIntegrity Instant Pay Program. With James help I made 3 sales my first week. That put me $250.00 in profit.

Within four weeks I am in profit with 2 streams of income. James and his team mentors me weekly. I speak with them by phone and email almost daily.

After having lost money with other programs, I wanted make sure this was the real deal before I joined.

I highly recommend anyone who is looking for legit home  business programs that really work and people who are honest with high integrity to join our team.

"It was best business decision I ever made" Bryan Walters - Katy Texas

Follow the steps at the bottom of this page to get on our "Ready To Join" sign up list.

Let us help you start your own home business and mentor you to financial freedom working with us part-time Monday - Thursday.

Our affiliates age range is 25 - 70 plus years

Our Top Affiliates Earn $500.00 - $1,000.00 Per Day Using Our Craigslist Ads Program. Hot Leads Come Directly To You. We Provide Training, Script, And Prospect Email.

When you sign up with us we set you up to start earning money in 24 - 48 business hours

The most common problem affiliates have is getting sign ups fast and consistent in order to build a long term stable income.

We have solved that problem by assigning you to other affiliates to sign up with you when you join through our sign up list.

We email you prospects ready to pay and sign up with you through our co-op program.

 We also teach you how to post your own ads using your personal prospect email to make unlimited commissions.

​We do this because 3 of our affiliate programs compensation plans pays us for helping other affiliates.

Select The Affiliate Program You Want Join From The List Below.

We Consider These To Be The 4 Best And Most Stable Home Business Programs In The World. All 4 Programs Have Great Leadership And Support.

​(All Four Have A Low Start Up Cost And Fast ROI)

Program 1. Fast Cash Team Total Marketing System

Developed Over The Past 20 Years. This System Has  Helped Create Multiple Millionaires Worldwide.

Marketing system consist of ad copies, best free or paid advertising sources, social networking, and marketing bonus.

Apply this system 30 min a day, Monday - Thursday to develop a consistent income stream. Order your system today!

Cost For Access Link: $47.00 One Time Payment 

Contact Fast Cash Team To Arrange To Make Your Payment And Receive Unique Training On How To Resale This Marketing System

You Receive 100% Unlimited Instant $47.00 Commissions By Payment Processor Of Your Choice, Paypal, Or Money Order By  Overnight Priority Mail When You Resale The Fast Cash Group Access Link.

This is member to member instant payment. This is a great way for those low on cash to get started and progress to other income streams.

Ten Sales = $470.00/ Great Feeder Program

Program 2. (EZ Profit 100) 8 Year Old Company

​Available Only In The USA

Owner: Art Rayburn, 30 Years Experience Information Hotline 760-569-6610 Call Now!

Cost To Join $149.00 One Time Payment

Commissions: Unlimited $100.00 Payments For Each Person Who Signs Up With You. Checks Are Mailed Weekly. 10 sign ups $1,000.00

Program 3. ABM, American Bill Money, 15 Year Old Company, A+ BBB Rating, Available Only In The USA

Owner, Paul Korezeniowski 34 Years Experience

Information Hotline: Call Now! 1-800-632-0739

​Post Cards Are Optional With ABM

We Use Our 20 Year Proven Craigslist Ads Program That Connects With Prospects Fast And Get ABM Sign Ups Fast.

Cost To Join: $125.00 Monthly Auto-ship

Commissions: Unlimited $75.00 Residual Payments For Each Person That Signs Up With You. Checks Are Mailed Weekly. 10 sign ups $750.00 residual

​Program 4. TruIntegrity, New Member To Member Instant Unlimited $250.00 Payments Program

You can start receiving instant payments the same day you sign up with this program. 

Available Worldwide

Owner: Art Rayburn, 30 Years Experience

​Website  http://www.truintegrity.com/id/fastcashteam

Cost To Join: One Time $250.00 Sponsor Payment Plus $49.95 Life - Time Website: Total: $299.95

​10 sign ups $2,500.00 paid instantly member to member

Follow Steps Below To Join One or Multiple Programs

Send your email to fastcashteam52@gmail.com

Subject Line: Ready To Join

Body Of Email: I have my  payment to join Program 1: Fast Cash Group Marketing System, $47.00 Program 2: EZ Profit 100, $149.00 Program 3: ABM, $125.00 or  Program 4: TruIntegrity, $299.95

Include your name, cell phone number, and email address 

Once we receive your email we will assign one of our affiliates to contact you and email you the steps to sign up with them.

Need Expert Help Reaching Thousands With Ads? Join The Fast Cash Team Co-op. 

Fast Cash Team Advertising Co-op is an inexpensive way to reach Thousands of prospects with Real Advertising!

To place these advertisements on your own would cost Thousands of Dollars per month ... but through our co-op you can share the expense with other Fast Cash Team Members!

We pool together the money from all co-op participants and place our top converting ads online.

We direct prospects to this ready to join page and when they get on our sign up list we email their contact information to you. You then contact the prospects and sign them up.  

Cost: $100.00 Per Month

We cannot guarantee a specific number of sign ups. Our goal is 1 to 2 sign ups per month minimum. You can cancel at anytime. This is not auto pay.

Place your order by calling or emailing us at 214-549-9804 fastcashteam52@gmail.com