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                          Welcome To The Home Business Affiliates!

                              Unlimited $100 Weekly Payments

We offer a 7 Year Proven, Weekly

Income System that's Super Simple & Extremely Effective! We have 3 streams of income.

(​Three Fast And Easy Ways To Make Money)

We provide free hot leads for our team.

We work together Tuesday - Thursday a maximum of 4 hours per week. The 2 up system allows us to develop a full time income working part-time

Follow Steps Below To Join Our Team

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Send your email to

Subject Line: Ready To Join

Body Of Email: I have my $149.00 payment to join the HBA EZ 100 Team. Please include your name, phone number, and email address.

The $149.00 is a one time payment. Click on our red website link below for details.

Once we receive your email we will contact you with the proper steps to sign up and schedule your 10 min. training when your account is activated in 24 - 48 hrs.

All HBA team members are required to call and email hot leads Tuesday - Thursday each week.​ ​This allows everyone the opportunity to earn unlimited income.

The key is to get on the weekly sign up list within one week or less. Then you will be set up to start receiving payments within one or two business days.

Free Training and Free Hot Leads to call and email will be provided to those who join the HBA EZ Profit 100 Team​

The HBA team has over 20 years experience in this industry. We train our team to build a stable weekly income and a secure retirement working part-time from home.

The EZ Profit 100 company mails our checks weekly.
We receive a yearly 1099 form for our taxes
Name Of Company: EZ Profit 100

EZ Profit 100 is 7 Years Old

Product And Services: The products are leads and marketing tools for Home Business Owners.

Services: The company provides us a website with a back office that sign ups our prospects 24/7 with a tracking system.

 Call our 24/7 Presentation Line For Recorded Details. 760 - 569-6610 Reversed 2 up compensation plan explained on this call.

 Go to our website below  for overview.

Feel Free To Call Or Email With Questions
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Receiving $100 Payouts Is The Key!

Just Imagine If Everyone Gets Only 4 People Their First Week.Week 1 You get your 4, you pass-up 2 of them to your Upline Sponsor –
YOU keep 2 YOU Earn…

2 x $100 = $200    Week 2 Your 2 get their 4 and 2 are passed-up to YOU for a total of 4 YOU Earn

4 x $100 = $400   Week 3 Your 4 get their 4 and 2 are passed-up to YOU for a total of 8 YOU Earn

8 x $100 = $800   Week 4 Your 8 get their 4 and 2 are passed-up to YOU for a total of 16 YOU Earn

16 x $100 = $1,600   Week 5 Your 16 get their 4 and 2 are passed-up to YOU for a total of 32 YOU Earn

32 x $100 = $3,200   Week 6 Your 32 get their 4 and 2 are passed-up to YOU for a total of 64 YOU Earn

64 x $100 = $6,400   Week 7 Your 64 get their 4 and 2 are passed-up to YOU for a total of 128 YOU Earn

128 x $100 =$12,800   Week 8 Your 128 get their 4 and 2 are passed-up to YOU for a total of 256 YOU Earn

256 x $100 =$25,600    

Your Total Earnings In Only 8 Weeks


And That’s Only 8 Weeks!
Carry That Out For 12 Weeks...
And You Could Earn A Total Of $819,000!!!

I know that amount sounds almost impossible…
but what if YOU only earned HALF of that amount?
Or what if YOU only earned a QUARTER of that amount?

Could that change your Financial Life for the Better? You bet!

DISCLAIMER: This Is NOT A Guarantee Of Income!  This chart simply illustrates the financial possibilities if everyone only sponsor’s four members their first week.  Now, we both know that’s not going to happen for everyone.  So, what if it takes everyone a little longer than a week to sponsor their first four people?  Big Deal!  True success does take time and effort.  I encourage you to Take Action and Take Control of Your Financial Future.  The chart above shows it is well worth the effort!


We also have a residual pay program that cost $125.00 monthly and pays unlimited $75.00 residual payments. Our 3rd program is an instant pay program that cost only $47.00 to join. You can receive unlimited instant $47.00 Paypal payments.

Call or email HBA for details